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When You Need High Risk Credit Card Processing

No two businesses are alike, and each business or company may have it’s own unique needs. Take for example a business that is seasonal or may have an inconsistent business relationship with the clients it serves. These types of situations can cause the need for high risk credit card processing. When a company deals with […]

When Your Business Begins to Grow

According to, in the U.S. alone, there are over 52.1 million American Express cards, 178 million Master Cards, and 277 million Visa cards.1 That’s a whole lot of plastic. What these numbers tell us is that just about everyone relies on using credit to get what they need or want, whether that means groceries […]

Get Mobile Ready with iPhone Credit Card Processing

Using a mobile device to take credit and debit cards widens the scope of business for small and large merchants alike. Wireless credit card processing levels the playing field, giving companies of all sizes much more flexibility. As an example, iPhone credit card processing makes paying by card possible at open-air markets and on mobile […]

Sell to Anyone, Anywhere with Online Credit Card Processing

The ability to accept credit and debit cards enables even the smallest company to mobilize and globalize their operation. But many business owners are still holding back, fearful of the processing and equipment costs involved, or worried they will be trapped into restrictive contracts. Speed Fund is offering merchants another way: no contracts, free credit […]

Growth of POS Tablets for Mobile Payment Processing

If anything should be convincing American businesses to start accepting credit cards using tablets and other mobile devices it’s the forecast-busting performance of  m POS payments. Even the bullish estimates of eMarketer, who predicted 2014 sales of $2.59 billion, were exceeded with $3.5 billion taken in total that year. mPOS stands for ‘mobile point-of-sale’ and […]

Go Big or Go Home

There’s a saying in business, go big or go home. This means that you either go into it with all you’ve got or you give up when the going gets tough. What most new business owners and entrepreneurs feel is that going home isn’t an option, its go big or go big! Sometimes the difference […]

How Does Mobile Credit Card Processing Work?

The advance of technology and a competitive marketplace have combined to make it easier than ever for small businesses to start accepting credit cards. One such development is mobile credit card processing, whereby a smartphone, tablet or similar mobile device can be converted into a debit and credit card-reading terminal. Cash is No Longer King […]