Credit Repair

Build Your Credit Score Today!

How is your annual credit report looking? Have you even checked it lately?

Your credit score is the most important number in your life.

Credit is an important part of modern business and, used wisely, it can open doors that would have previously been shut tight – doors to a new office, a reliable and respectable company car or that shiny piece of equipment you’ve had your eye on.

But so many owners of small and medium-sized businesses throughout America are needlessly banging their heads against brick walls as they try to obtain credit, refused time after time by lenders because their credit report is ugly – often through no fault of their own. Even those who do manage to get hold of funds are often paying a lot more than their more credit-savvy competitors.

The good news is that an effective credit repair service can wipe the slate clean, move you into a better credit score range and put you back on-side with lending institutions. What’s more, choose your credit repair service wisely and you can reach that ideal credit score range much faster than you might have imagined possible; some of our customers have had success in a matter of days!

Speed Fund and Better Qualified: The Credit Repair Team.

In keeping with our company values, we have joined forces with renowned credit management company Better Qualified to provide a credit repair service which is simple, proven and effective. Better Qualified’s esteemed credit management program is dedicated to scrutinizing your credit report, challenging and removing items that shouldn’t be there (e.g. errors, public records and collections) and identifying the quickest and easiest route to reaching the next highest credit score range – and the one above that.

Simple: Your Credit Report Made Personal

Better Qualified’s credit management program is designed to walk you through the credit repair process in a simple and straightforward manner. You will be served by a dedicated team of real credit repair people – not automated systems or switchboard operators – and they will be on hand to guide you every step of the way. Well-trained assessors will start by thoroughly assessing your current credit report and identifying the quickest and most effective way forward. This often involves negotiations with the three big credit report agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to remove derogatory items.

Proven: An Exemplary Track Record in Credit Repair

Both Speed Fund and Better Qualified are committed to quality, and our combined record speaks for itself. Speed Fund are an established company with over seven years of experience and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Better Qualified are highly regarded in the credit repair industry, with founder and president Paul Oster regularly appearing on Fox Business News and recently on all the big TV networks too.

With Speed Fund and Better Qualified on your team, you will look forward to your next annual credit report rather than dreading it. Contact us today to talk through your credit repair options.

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