Don’t be Out Numbered

Don’t be Out Numbered

Credit Repair

If you’ve recently gone to purchase a new car or rent an apartment only to find out your credit is bad, you’re not alone. Many people have found themselves in the same situation. They think their credit is good, only to find out it isn’t, usually at the worst time possible. What’s frustrating is that it can take years to fix your credit on your own. So when you’re ready to build your credit back up, contact Speed Fund for the fastest change possible.

At Speed Fund, and Better Qualified we understand credit management and we can help build your credit back up to what it should be. We understand that when you call the credit bureaus you’re outnumbered. They have the control. But when you hire Speed Fund for credit repair service, we fight against these big companies to make sure your credit is what you deserve. Look, everyone has made mistakes but you shouldn’t have to live with those the rest of your life. When you want, and need, someone in your corner, we’ve got your back.

Annual credit reports can be misleading. They can contain old information, wrong information, and not show an accurate picture of your true credit history. Getting these companies to change your report or take something off can be difficult, but Speed Fund and Better Qualified  knows how to get it done fast. The faster your credit report is fixed, the sooner you can stop paying high interest rates and fees, and be charged what you should be.

Credit management takes time that many people just don’t have. Waiting on the phone, writing letters, and filing disputes can ruin anyone’s day. We take that hassle and work with the companies to make sure what is reported is correct and accurate. We’re qualified to work on credit reports and our success rates show that not only will you be able to build your credit back up, but you’ll see negative information drop from your file. To start fixing your credit score, call Speed Fund today!

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