Finding the Best Merchant Cash Advance Companies

Finding the Best Merchant Cash Advance Companies

Cash Flow

A merchant cash advance loan can be the ideal solution for cash-strapped companies looking to purchase equipment, inventory, and services or even to pay down prior debt. There is a lot of merchant cash advance info out there, but it can still be difficult to track down the best merchant cash advance companies for your business. Some of the most common questions business owners ask are:

  • Have I been established for long enough to qualify for an MCA?
  • Am I turning over enough to be eligible for a loan?
  • What can I expect in terms of customer support?
  • What will I need to provide as security?
  • How long will I have to wait for my money?

Speed Fund Offers a Simple and Fast Solution

Speed Fund is committed to offering MCA financing to those business that might otherwise be refused due to a lack of credit history, poor credit history, low turnover or even the nature of the business’s industry itself. Speed Fund will lend to businesses which have only been in operation for three months, just as long as they are turning over $6,000 or more a month, and funding is completely unsecured so there is no risk to assets or property. Turnaround times are fast too with paperwork kept to a manageable minimum.

Above all, Speed Fund cares about their customers and is more than happy to furnish business owners with any other merchant cash advance info they need before making a decision.

Flexible Repayments to Suit your Business

Speed Fund is among the best merchant cash advance companies in America when it comes to flexible and business-friendly repayment methods. As with a standard merchant cash advance loan, Speed Fund can tie your repayments in to your sales so that you never feel the squeeze if business suffers a downturn while you can benefit from a faster settlement if business booms. Unlike our competitors we won’t take money directly from your credit card processor but from your business bank account, giving you more transparency over the whole process.

However, if you are more comfortable with traditional fixed monthly payments, we can cater for that too. And to take the pressure off your cash flow, we only deduct your repayments over five days in the week, and for a maximum of 21 days in any month.

Tax Benefits of MCA Funding

One of the most attractive aspects of a merchant cash advance loan is that the financing cost is completely tax deductible. Yes, any amount over and above the initial principal you borrow is 100% free of income tax, making this form of borrowing potentially very tax efficient.

For more details about Speed Fund, or for more general merchant cash advance info, fill out the ‘Getting to Know you form. For an even quicker service, you can also apply directly from the Speed Fund website.

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