Flexible Business Loans: Banks Need Not Apply

Flexible Business Loans: Banks Need Not Apply

There was a time when businesses were at the mercy of the banks and major financial lending institutions whenever they needed to take out a business loan. If the bank manager liked the look of the owner’s business plan and said ‘yes’ the business could look forward to an injection of cash and move their business forward, but if the bank declined the company a business loan then there was no-one (apart from the odd unscrupulous lender) to turn to.

Now the tables have been turned, and businesses, especially SMEs, are spurning the banks altogether and turning to alternative unsecured financing to meet their capital needs. With a focus on helping small businesses and taking away red tape, lenders like Speed Fund are the antithesis of the high street bank, and are becoming a disruptive force in the business loan market.

Short-term unsecured financing with no strings

There are many reasons why you might be looking for a short-term loan right now, and Speed Fund  will be  happy to provide a quick decision to business owners who have been trading for three months or more and are turning over at least $6,000 a month. This means our cash is much more accessible than many of our competitors who won’t even look at you if you aren’t trading at least twice that. Our cash advance loan product can help you to get hold of much-needed working capital or to provide unsecured financing for refurbishment, business property development, new machinery or equipment or to help you take advantage of a business opportunity. In fact, Speed Fund LLC wont place restrictions on what you use the cash advance loan for.

Make Speed Fund LLC your first port of call

Banks are mainly interested in lending to big businesses, where they think their risk will be lower and their profits higher, but even if you do get a positive decision, a bank loan may not be as suitable for your needs as a cash advance loan from Speed Fund Bank loans are often long-term, tying up capital for many years, and have to be secured on an asset and repaid in fixed instalments. Speed Fund provides short-term, unsecured loans with repayments going up and down depending on your takings each month. For more details on how our merchant cash advances work fill out our ‘Getting to Know you’ form and we will contact you.

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