Funding in Hours, Not Weeks

Funding in Hours, Not Weeks

Running a business or being an entrepreneur means on thing, you’re busy. When you are the one in charge, you have a lot of things on your plate. Not only do you have the heavy burden of making all the decisions, but you’re the one who everyone goes to when they need help. When you have so much to do already, why worry about going to a bank for a traditional loan? With Speed Fund, you can get an unsecured loan in a matter of hours, not weeks like a bank would make you wait.

Being in charge and running the show takes time and courage. Not only are you working your tail off, but many times business owners and entrepreneurs put their own money on the line. While this may be necessary to get a business up and running, it often does some damage like leaving you with bad credit. You believe in your business so you’re willing to take that hit, but what happens when you need a cash advance? Banks and traditional lenders won’t help you. That’s what Speed Fund is for. Not only do we offer small business loans to people with poor credit, but we offer the money faster than you can believe.

When you need money to keep your business afloat, you don’t have time to waste. Speed Fund offers some of the fastest funding around, so that you can concentrate on doing what you love, running your business. We don’t have lengthy page after page loan applications for you to fill out at some loan officers desk under their watchful eye. Speed Fund is different. We understand you need to get money for your cash flow and you need it fast. We work to get you what you need so you can keep your mind and eyes on your business. So when you need a reliable funding source for your business, give the experts at Speed Fund a call. You’ll be glad you saved so much time and hassle.

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