Get Mobile Ready with iPhone Credit Card Processing

Get Mobile Ready with iPhone Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Using a mobile device to take credit and debit cards widens the scope of business for small and large merchants alike. Wireless credit card processing levels the playing field, giving companies of all sizes much more flexibility. As an example, iPhone credit card processing makes paying by card possible at open-air markets and on mobile kiosks; tradespeople like mailmen and florists can take payment on the go, speeding up the flow of funds and slowing down the time spent on the doorstep. Wireless credit card processing can also be used in larger bricks and mortar stores, acting as an extra checkout when lines build up and allowing transactions to take place anywhere in the building. This all adds up to satisfied customers and a higher likelihood of repeat business.

There are lots of companies offering wireless credit card processing, so it is vital that you find one that provides you with exactly what you need in terms of equipment and terms.

Introducing Speed Fund & Phone Swipe

The next time you need to take a credit card, free processing equipment from Speed Fund could be yours. It’s called Phone Swipe and it is a discreet, portable attachment that plugs straight into the headphone socket of your mobile device. As well as being perfect for iPhone credit card processing, the reliable Phone Swipe device can integrate with other Apple technology such as the iPad and iPod touch. The free app can be downloaded from the iTunes store as with any other Apple app. For Android and Blackberry users, the Phone Swipe app is also free on Google Play and Blackberry World. If you need to take payment over the phone, the Phone Swipe app can be used for manual, credit card free processing too (although we recommend you always swipe where possible).

Unlike many of our competitors, Speed Fund does not tie you in to a contract and we are happy to run a side-by-side comparison with other merchant services providers to ensure you are clear on all the costs.

Is Phone Swipe safe?

Speed Fund will be your point of contact for any processing queries, but the processing of card payments itself is placed in the secure hands of established firm North American Bancard. They have been in the card processing business for over 20 years and will ensure that your transactions are secure and that customer data is protected. Phone Swipe includes Advanced Fraud Protection and card details are never stored on either the phone or the app.

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