Growth of POS Tablets for Mobile Payment Processing

Growth of POS Tablets for Mobile Payment Processing

If anything should be convincing American businesses to start accepting credit cards using tablets and other mobile devices it’s the forecast-busting performance of  m POS payments. Even the bullish estimates of eMarketer, who predicted 2014 sales of $2.59 billion, were exceeded with $3.5 billion taken in total that year. mPOS stands for ‘mobile point-of-sale’ and is where a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone is used to take customer payments, rather than the usual credit card machines.

Start accepting credit cards with Phone Swipe

All retailers need to start accepting credit cards with their tablets or mobiles are a dongle for swiping cards, a payment processing app and a merchant account to hold funds during processing. Speed Fund  offers  this complete package with a big bonus: the Phone Swipe card reader is free and does not require a contract. Merchant services are provided by the respected credit card processing company North American Bancard. Phone Swipe offers much more than the ability to take payments; for example, retailers can set up a mobile inventory and can even track sales.

What mobile credit card processing can do for your business

Most American consumers (around 70 per cent) prefer to check out quickly rather than stand around in lines. For store-based businesses, when you start accepting credit cards with a tablet or smartphone it gives you the option to quickly set up a new Phone Swipe payment terminal and ease the congestion during busy times. By keeping customers satisfied you are more likely to be recommended as someone to do business with. Ease of transaction is another key metric that retailers are falling over one another to score highly on and Phone Swipe can help you by streamlining your checkout process.

Of course, if you tend to conduct your business on the move and are not tied to a store, the benefits of mobile POS technology are even clearer. To start taking mobile payments in your business, order your free card reader today.

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