How Mobile Credit Card Processing Can Help Merchants

How Mobile Credit Card Processing Can Help Merchants

Before looking at how mobile credit card processing can help merchants it is worth focusing on how credit card processing in general is revolutionising the retail market. Not too long ago, it was only the big retailers who could afford the fees and equipment costs involved in accepting credit cards which meant lost sales and long delays as cheques were cleared (or returned!)

Now the payment processing market has completely opened up and even small start-ups can get a slice of the credit card processing action at affordable rates.

Does mobile credit card processing fit your business?

Mobile payment processing involves the use of a smartphone app and/or dongle to transform a normal mobile device into a card machine. It is particularly suitable for businesses with no fixed premises, where payment needs to be taken at multiple locations or even when volume is low.

The benefits of a mobile credit card processing service such as Phone Swipe is that the app functions as much more than a card swiper. Phone Swipe also includes the ability to set up a mobile inventory, track sales and receive mobile alerts.

If your business is more fixed in nature, with a high volume of customers, you might be best considering a standard credit card terminal which is built to simply take credit card payments.

Get your free Phone Swipe Card Reader through Speed Fund LLC

Speed Fund ¬†offers you the chance to accept mobile payments with a turnkey solution that combines the Phone Swipe app and device with a North American Bancard merchant account. The Phone Swipe device is completely free and we won’t tie you to a contract. Your North American Bancard merchant account combines payment processing with a holding account; once the security protocols have been applied the funds then go into your business bank account.

Don’t leave money on the table! For more information on Phone Swipe (or if you are interested in one of our free regular credit card machines) call Speed Fund today.

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