How to Get a FICO Certified Credit Check

How to Get a FICO Certified Credit Check

Most people now realize how important it is to have a good credit score. The higher your credit rating is, the better chance you have of obtaining credit and insurance and the lower your premiums and rates are going to be. Your credit score can even affect your employment prospects.

Even if you aren’t aware of any issues with your credit report, erroneous items and identity fraud can be a problem, so be sure to request your free annual report from each of the three Credit Reporting Agencies.

If you do spot a problem, or you feel your credit rating could do with a boost, a FICO-certified professional credit repair service is best-placed to help you. After all, if FICO are responsible for the score itself, then it makes sense to look for a FICO-certified pro to help you.

What about DIY credit repair?

Is it possible to fix your credit blemishes yourself? Certainly there is nothing to prevent you taking on the Credit Reporting Agencies yourself, but knowledge and experience does go a long way. The CRAs themselves may suggest you save money by going solo, but this could be false economy in some cases. When it comes to improving your credit score, a bona fide FICO-certified credit repair service can draw upon expert industry knowledge and valuable contacts with agencies and creditors to increase your chances of results. It can sometimes be necessary to ask uncomfortable questions of the CRAs, for example pointing out that they have failed in their duty to obtain proof of negative items on a credit report. It is no surprise that the CRAs prefer consumers to tackle their own credit score!

FICO-certified help through Speed Fund LLC

Speed Fund offers a solution consumers can trust. We only work through Better Qualified, a FICO-certified organisation with a proud record in credit repair. It is important to realize that a credit repair service will require access to your most sensitive information – from SSN number to address and bank account details. This is why we only work with the sincere and honest professionals at Better Qualified who can guarantee you a comprehensive service focusing on getting you results as fast as possible. Contact Speed Fund LLC today to start the process or for further information.

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