Is a Lack of Cash Holding you Back?

Is a Lack of Cash Holding you Back?

Small Business Loan

Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle to obtain the financing they need, particularly when dealing with the banks and other major financial institutions where a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality exists.

If this is your experience, then the good news is that there is a simple cash flow solution for you: the Merchant Cash Advance. Speed Fund are cash flow specialists and we side with those hardworking businesses who are snubbed by the major lenders simply because they are not established enough or don’t generate the revenue the banks are looking to make from their loans.

A Merchant Cash Advance is repaid out of the future profits you make; it’s an effective yet simple cash flow solution that can unclog the wheels of your business.

What happens if business goes down?
Perhaps your business is very seasonal, or maybe an unexpected event occurs which impacts your business operation. With a standard secured bank loan – or even an alternative finance scheme such as asset-based lending – you are immediately at risk of losing your equipment, plant, machinery, premises or whatever else you secured your loan with. This could lead to sleepless nights and even the collapse of your business. With a Merchant Cash Advance, your repayments would reduce in line with profits and your loan would take a little bit longer to repay.

On the flip-side, if business booms then your repayments go up and your loan is repaid sooner; everybody wins!

Free to focus on growth
When Speed Fund helps you to free up your cash flow , you can focus on the projects you need to expand your business – for example, by investing in some new IT equipment, a vital piece of machinery or a marketing campaign. Unlike your bank, we won’t need you to present us with any complicated business plans (you have enough to do running your business). Simply fill out our online ‘Getting to Know you’ form and we will do the rest.

Worried about eligibility?
If you are currently running a successful small or medium-sized business you will probably qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance from Speed Fund . As long as you have been trading for a minimum of three months and are turning over at least $6,000 a month then you will almost certainly be eligible. Fill out our online form and you could access our simple cash flow solution sooner than you think.

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