Merchant Cash Advance

Why Get a Merchant Cash Advance?

Some of the reasons why businesses like yours come to Speed Fund for help, include:

A merchant cash advance will get you the funds very quickly.
Smoothing out a period of difficult cash flow.
Creating or boosting an ad campaign.
Increasing inventory.
Upgrading equipment.

There are many other reasons why you might benefit from a Speed Fund merchant cash advance; only you know what your business needs cash for. The only condition is that you are an existing business (you can’t use a merchant cash advance to start a new business, nor can you access finance as an individual). Apart from that, our role is simply to make a fast decision (usually a yes) and to get those funds to you as quickly as possible to help your business thrive. To find out in more detail how a Speed Fund merchant cash advance can help your business, please take a second to enter your contact details.

8k or more monthly sales.
Merchant Cash Advance.
No open Bankruptcies.
3 Months in Business.
No CC Processing Required.

You Qualify!

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is a flexible way to finance your business needs such as working capital, when traditional lending methods are either unavailable or unsuitable for your business. Banks are more wary than ever of lending money to businesses and if you have a poor credit rating, have suffered from bankruptcy or simply haven’t been established for long enough for their liking you are likely to be refused a loan, or even an overdraft, to finance those purchases that every business needs. In short, the needs of 21st Century businesses are not being met by traditional banking institutions, opening the way for creative, business-friendly solutions like business loan factoring and cash advance loans like the merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance, as provided by Speed Fund, is a cash advance that is repaid as a proportion of your future debit and credit card sales. We provide you with the cash you need (e.g.$1 000), within a week, and agree a sale price for that cash (e.g.$1 250). We then collect that money in one of two ways: either by taking a percentage of each future credit card sales, or by charging a fixed daily sum. That is paid not from credit cards but from the business bank account. A merchant cash advance is unsecured financing and requires no collateral or personal guarantee on your part. A quick and simple cash flow solution, for large or small business loans.

What Speed Fund can do for You.

Speed Fund understands that cash is the life blood of any organization and that a small injection of cash at just the right time is often enough to help a business reach the next level or weather a rough period. Business loan factoring, despite its recent popularity, is a long-established form of financing, traditionally suited to businesses where customers are slow to settle invoices. Providers of cash advance loans are not concerned about previous finance issues. The nature of our business is firmly future-orientated, with many businesses like yours opting to tie payments to their daily credit card sales. This means that as business picks up the debt is paid more quickly but, equally, if growth is slow, payments go down. Either way, businesses don’t pay any more than the initial agreed price for the cash advance. They are also freed of the worry about receiving a hefty monthly bill. Alternatively, some businesses opt for a flat daily repayment arrangement via their bank account. With Speed Fund, payments are taken five days a week for no more than 21 days in a month. Another benefit for business owners is that any payments over the original amount advanced is 100 per cent tax-deductible.

Merchants We Can Fund Others Won’t!

We fund Law firms, Accountants, Auto Sales, Construction, Bail Bonds, Escort Service and Adult Entertainment, Internet Business, Modeling and Talent Agencies, Online Malls, Online Mail Order Event Tickets, Private Investigators, Real Estate Businesses, Travel Agencies, Web Advertising, and we help Marijuana Dispensaries.

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A copy of a voided Business check
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A clear copy of the front and back of your Drivers License.
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