Say Goodbye to Your Mistakes

Say Goodbye to Your Mistakes

As unfortunate as it is, schools don’t teach anything about money management. Neither do many parents. When kids go off to college or out into the real world, they are often bombarded with credit card applications that not only look inviting, but seem as if they offer free money. This is a trap that too many people have fallen into. The credit card companies target young adults, only to ruin their credit when they make late payments or are unable to pay.

Individuals are held responsible for their actions when it comes to credit. Late payments go on your credit report and can stay on there for years, but there’s no accountability for the credit card companies who target a population of people who aren’t trained in staying away from these predators to begin with. The only way to fight back and get a better credit score is to have help on your side, and that’s just what Speed Fund and Better Qualified  is here for. We help you fight these huge companies so your annual credit report portrays the real you, not the you they suckered in.

Speed Pay and Better Qualified offers credit management so you can get the loans and credit you need, based off of a better score than you have right now. We help you to build your credit and we target any negative information the credit bureaus may have against you. We are able to fight these companies and oftentimes we get you the results you need. We are diligent at what we do and we don’t give up. So when you need a proven credit repair service to make your annual credit report shine, contact Speed Fund. We fight the big companies for you so you can stop worrying and get back to living your life.

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