Sell to Anyone, Anywhere with Online Credit Card Processing

Sell to Anyone, Anywhere with Online Credit Card Processing

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The ability to accept credit and debit cards enables even the smallest company to mobilize and globalize their operation. But many business owners are still holding back, fearful of the processing and equipment costs involved, or worried they will be trapped into restrictive contracts.

Speed Fund is offering merchants another way: no contracts, free credit card equipment, processing through an established firm and one point of contact for everything.

You probably already know that accepting credit and debit card payments will push up sales and give you an advantage over ‘cash only’ competitors, but if you’re yet to take the plunge, minimize your risks through Speed Fund.

Quick and Simple Implementation

Speed Fund can get you up and running with both offline and online credit card processing in double quick time. And since you’re never tied to a contract, and you get free ‘Phone Swipe’ credit card equipment, processing cards will not seem like a massive change to what you’re doing already, except you will have the flexibility to take payments on the go or over the internet.

How does it Work?

Whether you’re using the Phone Swipe attachment to swipe a credit or debit card, or entering details remotely, North American Bancard will handle your online credit card processing. NAB is an established company, formed in 1992 and with a staff of over 900; they will ensure your customer transactions are processed securely and data stored safely. Everything else is handled by Speed Fund; we are on the end of the phone in the rare event of a problem, we will handle any set up and take your payments, and we will provide you with the free credit card equipment. Processing cards and online payments requires no computer programming expertise from you; Speed Fund will take care of that side of things and can even reprogram your existing POS machines if you prefer to keep using them.

Free Comparison Service

Credit card processing is a notoriously obscure industry with merchants often stung by hidden fees and high rates. Fill in the Speed Fund ‘Getting To Know You’ form and we will be happy to spell everything out in clear terms and even provide a side-by-side comparison service to help you make sure we are a good fit for your business.  If you prefer to get started sooner with online credit card processing, you can apply for your free Phone Swipe card reader directly from the Speed Fund website.

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