Speed Fund: Your Merchant Cash Advance Partner

Speed Fund: Your Merchant Cash Advance Partner

If your company is in need of the fastest funding available, contact Speed Fund today! Speed Fund, LLC has been in business for years and has helped a variety of businesses spanning every industry imaginable. Not only does Speed Fund work with all types of professionals, but we take pride in helping small and medium sized businesses as well. So when you need an unsecured loan, contact Speed Fund for all your cash advance needs.

Even if you have poor credit or bad credit, Speed Fund can finance your business fast so you don’t have to worry about getting turned down by a bank. We understand credit is multi faceted and your credit score doesn’t always tell the whole story. We also know that when you are in business and need money fast, small business loans can seem to take forever. This is exactly what you don’t need, because anyone in business knows that time is money.

What banks don’t always take into consideration when you need a loan is cash flow. Cash flow can make or break a business and when you’re going up against tough competition or don’t have the cash on hand to make an important business deal, it can mean death to your company. So why not forget the banks altogether? Speed Fund can not only get you the money your business needs, but it can get it to you faster than any bank could dream of. When it comes to a merchant cash advance, Speed Fund is here to keep you in business.

Speed Fund has partnered with a variety of clients, so we understand the many ins and outs of all businesses. Speed Fund also understands that you may not have the right credit even if you do have time to wait. So whether you’ve have poor credit or just need to get the ball rolling as fast as possible, contact Speed Fund to help with all your cash advance needs.

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