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Don’t be Out Numbered

If you’ve recently gone to purchase a new car or rent an apartment only to find out your credit is bad, you’re not alone. Many people have found themselves in the same situation. They think their credit is good, only to find out it isn’t, usually at the worst time possible. What’s frustrating is that […]

Say Goodbye to Your Mistakes

As unfortunate as it is, schools don’t teach anything about money management. Neither do many parents. When kids go off to college or out into the real world, they are often bombarded with credit card applications that not only look inviting, but seem as if they offer free money. This is a trap that too […]

7 Common Credit Score Myths

The FICO credit score affects everybody, not just those people who are unfortunate enough to have missed bill payments, credit card defaults or bankruptcy on their record. No-one is immune from having erroneous items on their credit file or from being the victim of identity fraud. In addition, everyone can benefit from a credit score […]

How Mobile Credit Card Processing Can Help Merchants

Before looking at how mobile credit card processing can help merchants it is worth focusing on how credit card processing in general is revolutionising the retail market. Not too long ago, it was only the big retailers who could afford the fees and equipment costs involved in accepting credit cards which meant lost sales and […]

How to Get a FICO Certified Credit Check

Most people now realize how important it is to have a good credit score. The higher your credit rating is, the better chance you have of obtaining credit and insurance and the lower your premiums and rates are going to be. Your credit score can even affect your employment prospects. Even if you aren’t aware […]

Credit Repair Tips You Need to Know

A bad credit ranking can impact you in a negative way. It becomes very difficult to get a loan if you do not have a credit score. Many people are not able to get the money they need simply because they do not have a good credit standing. So how does one handle things? One […]

Finding a Proven Credit Repair Service

In the ideal world of the credit report agency, every credit card bill is paid in full on the due date and no-one struggles to make ends meet or makes a bad decision. In the real world, it is possible for even the most honest and organised person to go through a rough patch and […]

A 5 Step Credit Repair Process

Whether you have experienced a spell of bad financial management, been unlucky due to the effects of the recession or simply have yet to build up a credit history, if you have a less than perfect credit score you could be storing up problems for yourself. Using credit is part and parcel of modern life […]

Requesting your Free Credit Report

Every American is entitled to at least one free credit report a year, and it is good practice to check yours regularly. For a start, you will be able to spot any inaccurate information, or fraudulent accounts in your name, and take the necessary action. You will also be able to see any derogatory information […]