What to Do When You’re Business Takes Off

What to Do When You’re Business Takes Off

Many small businesses get their start by someone creating products and selling them to their friends and family members. When the product is really good or something new and different, word begins to spread. When word spreads, there is often a leap from doing a small side business to making a go of it in a much bigger way. When this happens, new business owners find themselves having to make bigger decisions about their company.

One of the best ways to get and keep more business is by offering to take credit cards. Although cash and checks may have worked up to this point, taking a business to new heights requires credit card processing. Many customers no longer carry a checkbook and frequently people don’t have cash handy, so taking credit cards is important to grow your business. When you accept credit cards, you’re opening the business to a whole new range of customers.

Getting set up with credit card processing is easy. With Speed Fund,there’s no contracts and no other fees. You’ll get a free card reader or phone swipe, so you can focus on doing what you love to do, whether that’s making scarves or creating the prettiest floral designs in town. Fast and easy credit card processing gives you more time to focus on your business while not having to worry about whether someone’s check will bounce or how to get paid if they don’t have cash.

So when your company is ready to go to the next level, contact Speed Fund. We understand how to take very small businesses and help them to grow one customer at a time. When you call, one of our friendly staff members can get you set up for credit card processing with quickly, so you can get back to doing what you love.

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